Skin Care Must-Haves for Labor Day Weekend

Lancer Skin Care & Beauty for Labor Day Weekend

You’ve got the perfect getaway planned for your Labor Day holiday—and the perfect outfit to go with it. All you need to complete the picture are your glow-to beauty essentials that will keep your skin looking flawless on the go. Make sure to have these beauty and skin-care products packed before you take off for your three-day weekend:


Chances are you want to soak up the last official weekend of summer, so you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors. Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield offers broad-spectrum SPF 30 coverage, as well ingredients such as Gamay Grape Stem Cells and Chamomile Extract for a radiant, dewy look. Plus, its lightweight consistency is perfect for hot weather.

Lancer Skincare Sheer Fluid Sun Shield

Nighttime retinol

After a day outdoors, treat your skin right with the anti-aging power of retinol. Lancer Advanced Retinol Treatment is a potent skin rejuvenator, working to diminish the look of lines and its exfoliating properties help improve the appearance of skin texture. Wake up looking refreshed and relaxed—which is perfect, since you are on vacation after all.

Lancer Advanced Nighttime Retinol Treatment

Travel-sized skin care

Whether you’re flying to your destination or simply don’t want full-size bottles taking up space in your suitcase, The Method Travel Collection for Face allows you to take your favorite skincare essentials with you wherever you go. The set contains The Method: Polish, The Method: Cleanse, The Method: Nourish and Eye Contour Lifting Cream with Diamond Powder.

Lancer Skincare Travel Collection

Create a Natural, No-Fuss Face

When you’re posting selfies from your travels on Instagram, you’ll want to capture that effortless “no-makeup makeup look”. It’s easy to achieve this look with just a few necessities—and relaxing on vacation will just add to your blissed-out glow.

Primer. Most primers just act like a spackle to fill in lines on your face. Lancer’s Studio Filter Pore Perfecting Primer goes above and beyond, not just creating a smooth looking complexion with optical diffusers and a universal skin tint but also helping improve the look of pores and your skin’s texture with ingredients such as Porifin Complex and Acmella Oleracea Extract.

Concealer. If your vacation plans include some late nights out on the town, a concealer can make you look as if you had a full night’s sleep. Lancer’s Studio Light Flawless Eye Concealer glides on smoothly for easy blendability, and the soft-focus filters and amino acid complex with caffeine can perk up even the most tired eyes.

Lip treatment. Enhance your beautiful smile for vacation selfies with the Volume Enhancing Lip Serum. Your lips will look lush, plump and well-hydrated, and any lip lines you have will seem to have been blurred away. The glossy sheen will give your lips that extra pop of natural radiance that will keep you camera ready.