Why Skin Polishing is an Ideal Oily Skin Treatment

Why Skin Polishing is an Ideal Oily Skin Treatment

People with oily skin often feel like there’s no way to reduce excess oil and blemish-causing bacteria without irritating the skin. However, skin polishing is an ideal oily skin treatment. When you polish your skin, you remove surface layers of dirt, makeup, and pollutants that can clog your pores and irritate your skin, while scrubbing away excess oil and sebum that further exacerbate blemishes. When you remove this surface debris, you reveal skin that’s smoother and younger looking. Your own beautiful skin shines through, without the pore-clogging buildup that can dull your radiance.

What Makes Skin Oily?

Is it the pizza you ate yesterday or the fight you had with your mother? Maybe it’s your hormone cycle. In truth, oily skin can be caused by a variety of factors, so while certain aspects may be out of your control, you can still keep your oily skin from getting out of control. Most oily skin is inherited, and your family members probably experience the same oily skin patterns you do. As frustrating as genetics can be, you can take steps to help keep oil under control. Stress, hormones, irritation, environmental factors, and overly harsh skincare can all influence the severity of your skin’s oiliness. Pay attention to your health and take care of your skin with the right skincare and oily skin treatment, and you can keep your oil under control.

After you’ve worked hard to lower your stress level, eat a clean diet, and identify hormonal triggers, you may still notice your skin is quite oily. Take a look at your skincare. The wrong skincare can make oily skin worse, so it’s vital to avoid skincare that will aggravate it. First, avoid harsh soaps and cleansers that leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Cleansers that strip your skin of natural oils cause overproduction of oil and create more pore-clogging sebum. Also avoid alcohol-based toners and treatments. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and, once dried out, your skin fights back with extra oil production. It’s important not to skip moisturizer in the hopes that it will reduce the sheen and breakouts. Even oily skin needs nourishing hydration, and since oily skin treatments can dry skin out a bit, moisturizer is particularly important for balance. Finally, beware of overly abrasive exfoliators that irritate your skin and cause abrasions, overproduction of oil and sebum, and make skin more prone to breakouts. Any product that polishes or offers chemical exfoliation should be gentle enough to remove surface debris without irritation.

How to Find the Right Oily Skin Treatment

Once you’ve discovered how to avoid making your oily skin worse, it’s time to help  improve your oily or congested skin. Whether you’re searching for an oily skin treatment to keep the oil at bay or you’re seeking the best acne treatment for oily skin, you’ll need to find the right balance in your skincare products. Pay close attention to both your daily skincare and advanced treatment products to make sure you’re caring for your oily skin properly.

You may be surprised that skin polishing is such an effective way to combat oily skin. When you eliminate the buildup of dead skin cells, sebum, dirt, makeup, and other grime on the surface of your skin, you help minimize impurities that clog your pores while helping to clear existing congestion.  This reduces the likelihood of new blemishes forming while helping to clear up existing breakouts. As long as your polishing product is gentle and thorough, skin polishing is the ideal oily skin treatment. You’ll reveal smoother, healthier, younger looking skin that stays clear longer. By eliminating the dead surface cells, you will also ensure that the products you apply are delivered directly to the skins surface to help keep oiliness and breakouts at bay. Use a daily polishing treatment plus a periodic advanced treatment for best results. The combination of physical exfoliators and gentle chemical exfoliators polishes away dull skin without irritation for a radiant complexion.

Lancer Skincare Understands How to Treat Oily Skin

Oily skin does come with some benefits. Oily skin doesn’t show the signs of aging as quickly, so your skincare should help minimize excess oil without sapping every ounce of moisture. With Lancer Skincare, you can care for oily and congested skin while making the most of your skin’s natural radiance, without finding your face slicked with oil by the day’s end. We’ve changed the name of this line from “Blemish Control” to “Oily/Congested” because you still need the right products for oily skin even though it may be blemish-free.  This line was formulated specifically to meet the needs of oily skin, to ensure that your skin enjoys the benefits of its natural oils without the excesses.

Use The Lancer Method daily for the ideal oily skin treatment. The Method: Polish Oily/Congested is the first step in the regimen, incorporating natural mineral exfoliants like quartz and sodium bicarbonate to polish without abrading. Pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes gently slough dead skin and surface debris so the salicylic acid in the formula can help clear pore congestion. After polishing, use The Method: Cleanse Oily/Congested and The Method: Nourish Oily/Congested to remove impurities from the skin’s surface and imbue skin with nourishing moisture while fighting excess oil and congestion with salicylic acid. Minimize oil, fight breakouts, and help skin retain its natural radiance with The Method: Oily/Congested.

For additional oily and congested skin needs, our advanced treatments reveal the younger, healthier complexion hiding beneath dull, discolored layers of skin. Our Retexturizing Treatment offers dramatic exfoliation, improved hydration and environmental protection to avoid irritation, while our powerful polishing solution, Caviar Lime Acid Peel brightens and resurfaces for a renewed, fresher appearance and smoother, baby-soft skin. Because these products contain retinol, fruit extracts, and 10% glycolic acid, oily skin is gently but deeply exfoliated, helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and even the appearance of skin’s tone and texture.

Try the Best Collection for Oily Skin

Whether you have oily skin or you also experience congested skin, we can help you look your best. Even if you can’t eliminate stress from your life or change your genetics, you can treat your skin to luxurious, effective oily skin products. Our carefully formulated skincare treats oily skin without irritating or overdrying. Enjoy the benefits of your oily skin without the oil slicks or breakouts. Use our oily skin products consistently in conjunction with the rest of The Lancer Method and watch your skin become healthier-looking and more radiant for more even appearance.