What is Peptide Skincare?

What is Peptide Skincare?
What is Peptide Skincare?

You may already be integrating peptides into your skincare routine without even knowing it. Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. While peptides are usually too big to penetrate the skin barrier, scientists have engineered them in the lab for skincare products so they can be synthesized into different combinations in order to enter the top layer of skin, the stratum corneum, and affect the epidermis and dermis.

Originally used to heal wounds and reduce the formation of scar tissue, peptides are now used to promote the production of normal skin cells. Peptides also help to limit oxidation while creating an anti-inflammatory environment, which creates optimal healing conditions for your skin as you provide the nutrients and anti-aging ingredients necessary for skin to act younger.

Peptides can either be extracted from a singular plant or be linked together in order to create unique peptides to target specific issues. You can find both singular peptides and a unique biopeptide in the Lancer Method’s Nourish, our potent anti-aging moisturizer. Rice peptides improve cell function and increase cell metabolism, which leads to increased collagen production so skin looks firm and plump. The unique biopeptide is a Hexapeptide, which acts as a minor neurotoxin, meaning it can relax nerve cells and block the transmission of signals from nerves to facial muscles. It is believed to act as a “minor” neurotoxin like Botox, since it relaxes wrinkles while also boosting skin’s ability to retain moisture, but more research needs to be done in order to establish its effectiveness.

What is Peptide Skincare - Nourish
What is Peptide Skincare – Nourish

And if you’re looking into receiving the full benefits of a peptide skincare regimen, we recommend following-up your nighttime Lancer Method skincare routine with our Intensive Night Treatment with Hylaplex™. Hylaplex™ combines a cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid—your skin’s natural moisture—with reparative peptides in order to boost intercellular flows of water and oxygen. You’ll notice a long-term reduction of fine lines and wrinkles because they are filled with moisture thanks to a long-chain polypeptide.

What is Peptide Skincare - The Method
What is Peptide Skincare – The Method

When you use products that have peptides as an ingredient, you’ll notice how young your skin looks thanks not only due to the increase in collagen production that is responsible for keeping skin firm, but also because of the rapid increase in skin cell turnover. This is the primary focus of The Lancer Method, since skin needs the same regenerative actions in order to be instructed that it needs to continually create new cells. The results will lead to a brighter, younger you in no time.


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