Benefits of Probiotic Yogurt for Skin

yogurt facial

You’ve probably noticed that skincare goes through trends in the same way that fashion does. From cucumbers on tired eyes to vampire facials, skincare seems to have seen it all. But now, many dermatologists are publicizing the benefits of simple ingredients—ingredients you often find in your own kitchen. Recently, Dr. Harold Lancer was featured on the Dr. Oz Show, where he discussed the anti-aging benefits of using probiotic yogurt on your skin.

How does using probiotic yogurt on your face help improve your skin? The word “probiotic” simply refers to a substance containing beneficial organisms. In this case, these organisms make your skin cells healthier and help reverse the appearance of the signs of aging. Because your lifestyle can affect the quality of your skin, many people find that they did not sufficiently protect their skin from the elements in their youth. Free radicals, toxins, and sun damage have a profound effect on the look of your skin’s health and radiance, and it may seem that once the damage is done, there’s no way to reverse it. Thankfully, there is something you can do about it!

Applying a probiotic yogurt mask is effective on top of your skin for the same reason that it’s effective for your digestive system. The live cultures in yogurt help to fight irritation by neutralizing and blocking toxins. When eaten, these live cultures keep the bacteria in your digestive system balanced, but when applied topically they do the same thing for your skin. The advantages of eating probiotics are fairly well known, but fewer people understand the advantages of topically applied probiotics. Dr. Lancer is well versed in the benefits of probiotic organisms for the skin, which is why he recommends using a probiotic yogurt mask to his clients.

In addition to using great skincare consistently, using probiotic yogurt on the face helps improve the look of your skin. Dr. Lancer shared his own DIY yogurt mask recipe with Dr. Oz, so you can enjoy the benefits of probiotic yogurt on your skin yourself. This simple mask—which combines one cup of Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, and three tablespoons of oats (either ground into powder, or used whole)—is ideal for use on a tired or dull complexion. Use in conjunction with The Lancer Method and apply the mask after your skin has been thoroughly Polished and Cleansed. Apply gently in a circular fashion and leave the mask on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Follow with the Nourish step to seal in the nutrients.

Using this mask consistently can reduce the appearance of irritation and redness in your skin, helping your skin look healthier and more radiant. Even better, since this mask uses ingredients found in your own kitchen, Dr. Lancer points out that you can make this mask anytime, without heading to a salon, spa, or dermatologist’s office. Try using this probiotic yogurt mask twice a week, in addition to your regular use of The Lancer Method. You can explore other Lancer Skincare Masks and products to complement your DIY mask, too—it’s a way to bring your dermatologist home with you so you can achieve and maintain glowing, younger-looking skin wherever you are and whenever you’d like!