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The Best Beauty Looks from New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is one of our favorite times of year, and we’ve been watching the runways closely to bring you the best new beauty trends for Spring ’15. From models made up to reference 50s and 60s screen siren glam at Carmen Marc Valvo and DVF to catwalkers wearing absolutely no makeup at all at Marc Jacobs, it was crystal clear that good skin is in. The true beauty of it all? You don’t have to wait until spring rolls around to start working these looks. Here are four of our favorites:

Bardot-Inspired: The look at DVF was all about big hair, pouty lips and – most of all – smoky eyes. With so much focus on the eye area, you’ll want to be sure you’re not lugging any extra baggage. Luckily, our Eye Contour Lifting Cream can do the heavy lifting for you. Prep the rest of your face with our Advanced C Radiance Cream followed by Nourish (and sunscreen!) before going for this retro-glam look.

Beachy Clean: Nothing’s prettier, in our opinion, than that no-makeup look. And this season, the designers agreed with us. Beautiful, effortless Cali-girl makeup ruled supreme at BCBG, Versus, Lela Rose, and Jason Wu. The key to this look is clearly flawless skin, so before sweeping on some bronzer, make sure you’re sticking to our 3-step Method for clear skin: Polish, Cleanse, Nourish . . . then you’ll have the perfect canvas for this barely-there look.

Red Lips and Matte Skin: Carmen Marc Valvo sent matte-skinned bombshells down the runways rocking bold red lips. To achieve this Mad Men-inspired look, prep your skin with Nourish and a mattifying primer before applying makeup. Skip the lipgloss and opt for a velvety matte lipstick to keep the look cohesive.

Long Lashes and White Liner: At Nanette Lepore, it was all about graphic eyes. The designer set off lush, dark lashes with contrasting eyeliner. For those of you bold enough to adopt this look (or a variation of it), keep your lashes full and lush with daily use of Lancer Lash. Line your eyes in dramatic white (Maybelline’s “Too Cool” Coulour Tattoo Gel Shadow was used for this on the Nanette Lepore runway), curl your lashes and then top them off with a volumizing mascara such as Benefit’s “They’re Real!” Mascara. Luxurious lashes also played a leading role at Altuzarra, Lisa Perry and Christian Siriano.

Images via Harper’s Bazaar, Style.com and Beauty Launch Pad

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Watch & Learn How to Use the A-List-Loved Lancer Method

We receive so many questions about how to use our celebrity beloved Lancer Method most effectively that we decided to put together an instructional video featuring one of our beautiful Lancer Devotees. The crux of The Lancer Method is of course our Polish, Cleanse and Nourish system, but we also recommend adding Advanced C Radiance Cream, Eye Contouring Lifting Cream and Sheer Fluid Sun Shield to your morning regimen. Take a look at the video for step-by-step instructions to get the most glow out of our A-list-approved, anti-aging skincare regimen.

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Desert Skin Rehab: Part 2


Last week we gave you the rundown of our marketing coordinator Madeline’s post-Coachella skincare rehab regimen. And now we’ve got the photographic proof of its speedy efficacy. Just one week after returning from the desert, Madeline’s Lancer Glow is back!

Upon returning from Coachella, Madeline’s skin was angry. Overexposure to the sun, heat and dry desert air had caused it to break out, dry out and become unevenly pigmented. To remedy this, Madeline exfoliated with Sensitive Polish for the first four days to jumpstart the cell renewal process. Exfoliation also causes blood circulation to increase, and this helped her blemishes to heal quickly without scarring. Plus, by using Polish in conjunction with a healthy daily dose of Sensitive Nourish, Retexturizing Treatment Cream and Advanced C Radiance and drinking a green juice and extra water each day, Madeline’s skin quickly regained hydration from the deep layers to the epidermis – hence her radiant glow. In the after photos, you can see what is, quite frankly, a miraculous recovery: redness is drastically reduced, pimples are nonexistent, her coloring is even, and her flaky, scaly skin is now smooth and soft to the touch. All just in time to go back for Stagecoach and do it again! (Kidding.)

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Desert Skin Rehab: Fighting the Effects of Fun and Sun at Coachella


No matter how well you care for your skin, there are times it can be hard to maintain a meticulous regimen, especially when you’re away from home. Last week we posted about how traveling can tax skin health: Flying speeds up dehydration and sun exposure, and upon landing, a change in hard or soft water and air humidity can easily irritate skin and cause breakouts and dryness.

But few climates are as brutal as the SoCal desert combined with the party atmosphere of Coachella. For nearly 15 years, Angelenos having been trekking to the desert to spend three days enjoying the music, sun, food and crowds that make up the famous festival. While we’re all for having some good, healthy fun—which Coachella makes easy with vegan and vegetarian food options, juice stands and fresh fruit—there are few things more taxing than three full days of sun exposure, ultra dry and hot temperatures, and the inevitable cocktail or five, we mean, two.

Our marketing coordinator headed to Coachella armed with her Lancer arsenal, but had a hard time maintaining her regimen in the desert. “My skin was super irritated from the heat, dry from the air, and so dirty. As much as I wanted to polish all the grime away, I knew I would be exposed to the same thing the next day, so I held off on polishing, and stuck with tons of Sheer Fluid SPF, Nourish and eye cream to stay as hydrated as possible.”

Even being so proactive, Madeline found that her skin suffered: “I can see the pigmentation on my nose, around my eyes and in the hollows of my cheeks from the sun. Plus some congested pores from all the sweat and dirt. I want my Lancer glow back!”

So what are the doctor’s orders for tackling post-Coachella skin? Check out Madeline’s rehab regimen below:

Diet. Beautiful skin starts from within, so the first step is to boost your daily intake of water and greens. This will make a big, and noticeable, difference. If you’re jonesing for something with more flavor than good old H2O and celery sticks, try Pressed Juicery‘s Greens 3 and coconut water for extra hydration.

Skin Care. It’s important to be diligent about your daily regimen once you’re back from the desert. Since returning from Coachella, Madeline has been following these steps:

In the morning:
1. Wash with Sensitive Cleanse and pat skin dry
2. Retexturizing Treatment Cream
3. Sensitive Nourish
4. Sheer Fluid Sun Shield
5. Eye Contour Lifting Cream

At night:
1. Remove makeup with grape seed oil
2. Steam face for 5 minutes in the shower
3. Polish
4. Sensitive Cleanse
5. Advanced C Radiance
6. Sensitive Nourish
7. Eye Contour Lifting Cream

Next week, we’ll be sharing Madeline’s before and after photos – be sure to check back!

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