5 Minutes With… Mena Suvari


Mena Suvari has rarely had a moment out of the spotlight since her breakout role in American Beauty fifteen years ago. And with three new movies and a pilot coming out, she’s spent the better part of the last year on call for the camera. So how does she keep that fresh-faced glow despite logging serious hours in the makeup chair? We chatted with her to find out.

Lancer Skincare: What difference does good skincare make in your line of work?

Mena Suvari: It’s very important to have a good skincare regimen when you’re working in any type of environment that involves wearing full makeup for extended periods of time. As an actress, I can attest to how wonderful it is to know that I can clean my skin properly with Dr. Lancer’s products, refresh and renew my skin with what it was stripped of by wearing makeup all day, and also protect it for the coming day.

LS: Do you have a favorite product in the Lancer Skincare range?

MS: As per usual, it is difficult for me to just pick one product that I like more than others, as in this case it really is true that the products work together, hand-in-hand. But I will say that I really enjoy the Polishes, as I’m the type of person that loves that “squeaky clean” feeling when I wash my face. It’s probably because of living in a city – even being out during the day causes such a build-up!

LS: Quick glowing skin tip!

MS: I found that after using Dr. Lancer’s products, I didn’t need to wear any makeup during the day. Even products providing the lightest coverage, like tinted moisturizers, weren’t needed. Using The Method is powerful enough to really give me that even skin tone I’ve always wanted.

LS: What is the the most unexpected piece of advice Dr. Lancer has given you?

MS: Well, something that I was very impressed with was that Dr. Lancer talks to you about your specific needs based on your ethnicity and where your ancestors come from, which dictates how your skin will react and behave. For me, he explained that I need to wear sunblock all day every day because I am of Estonian descent, which makes my skin very sensitive to light. In fact, my skin could pigment even from the lighting they use on set! That really surprised me and was something I had never thought of!

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Watch & Learn How to Use the A-List-Loved Lancer Method

We receive so many questions about how to use our celebrity beloved Lancer Method most effectively that we decided to put together an instructional video featuring one of our beautiful Lancer Devotees. The crux of The Lancer Method is of course our Polish, Cleanse and Nourish system, but we also recommend adding Advanced C Radiance Cream, Eye Contouring Lifting Cream and Sheer Fluid Sun Shield to your morning regimen. Take a look at the video for step-by-step instructions to get the most glow out of our A-list-approved, anti-aging skincare regimen.

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Dr. Lancer Devotee: Victoria Beckham


Mogul, mother of four, fashion designer, pop star – how Victoria Beckham has time to look as fabulously flawless as she does is (almost) a mystery to us. Though we’re sure Becks has a bevy of beauty secrets, she has publicly revealed that she’s a devotee of The Lancer Method as well as our Lift Serum Intense and Sheer Fluid Sun Shield. A combination of healthy diet and lifestyle (which you can read about in Dr. Lancer’s anti-aging guide Younger) teamed with a strict adherence to our 3-step skincare Method, has helped the 40 year-old to overcome uneven, acne-prone skin. That radiant, blemish-free glow she now sports? Well, it has us thinking 40 may just be the new 20.

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Men’s Skincare 101


Let’s face it: skincare is just as important for men as it is for women, but most men don’t live by the “ounce of prevention” adage – and probably need a little prodding from the women in their lives to get going on a healthy skincare regimen. Here are three CORE reasons to get the men in your life protecting their largest organ ASAP:

Facial hair can clog pores. Men have fast-growing facial hair with strong hair follicles that can become easily irritated or congested. Daily skincare, especially exfoliation and hydration, is crucial to keep pores clear and skin healthy. With a little commitment, they can say sayonara to painful and unattractive ingrowns.

Thicker skin needs extra TLC. Men have thicker, more durable skin than women, which is a net positive because they are better protected from the elements. But this sturdier skin also makes the absorption of vital nutrients more difficult. Careful but simple skincare (think: the 3-step Method) will help keep skin healthy, hydrated and in great condition as men age.

Many men aren’t programmed to do it themselves. Women have been taught to care for their skin from the time they became teenagers (or before), and are conditioned to apply creams, makeup, masks and oils first thing in the morning. Men, on the other hand, are not used to wearing anything on their skin and often forgo the use of sunscreen leading to sun damage and prematurely aged skin. Daily sunscreen application is absolutely crucial for men (read just how important it is in Dr. Lancer’s newest LA Times feature); we just need to teach men to get started.  Help your guy by finding a formula he likes – our liquid SPF is popular among many of Dr. Lancer’s male patients because of its quick-absorbing formula and non-greasy feel.

Pick up one of the three versions of The Method for the man in your life: https://www.lancerskincare.com/the-lancer-method

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