How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

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You should exfoliate your face daily, but remember to always use products designed specifically for your skin type.

If you’re looking for a great way to prevent clogged pores and brighten up a dull complexion, you need to get comfortable with exfoliating your face. Exfoliating is the practice of resurfacing the skin with either a physical or chemical exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin cells that prevent your skin from looking radiant. 

At Lancer, we call exfoliating “polishing” because it uncovers a layer of glowing beauty, just like when you polish a tarnished piece of silver or gold until it shines.

Why Exfoliating Is Important

What, exactly, does exfoliation do? Skin cell turnover, or the process of the skin regenerating new cells, is key to healthy skin. When dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your skin, cell turnover rate is stalled, which can cause clogged pores, premature signs of aging and dullness of the complexion.

Exfoliating purges the pores of old skin cells that cause blemishes and also prepares the skin so it can better absorb medications, cleansers and moisturizers. That’s why we recommend starting your daily skin care routine with a polish. It helps ensure that your skin is prepped for steps two and three — your facial cleanser and moisturizer.

Should You Exfoliate Your Face Every Day?

method polish sensitive dehydrated skinWe recommend exfoliating your face every day, but with one caveat: only use products that suit your skin type. Because it’s quite literally removing the top layer of skin, exfoliating can be damaging to sensitive, dry or irritated skin types. Regardless of your skin type, following up with a hydrating anti-aging moisturizer is critical to ensuring that your skin stays healthy and radiant post-exfoliation.

Exfoliating is the first step in The Lancer Method for younger skin. All of our polishes are manual exfoliators, meaning they use particles rather than chemicals to physically slough away that top layer of skin. With the Lancer Method, we use ultra-fine magnesium oxide quartz crystals to abrade the skin safely and gently. These are uniform in shape and size, ensuring that dead skin cells fall away and leave behind an even, glowing complexion.

The Lancer Method is unique from other skin care routines with exfoliation because each set is formulated for a specific skin type. We have special formulas designed specifically for those with normal to combination skin, sensitive or dehydrated skin and oily or congested skin. Choose the version that most closely matches your skin type for the best results.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body?

Now that you know you should exfoliate your face every day, you may be wondering if the same logic applies to the body. Indeed, it does! You should exfoliate your body every day in the shower or bathtub using a physical or chemical exfoliator.

Body scrubs and chemical exfoliators work the same way that facial ones do — by removing the top layer of skin to reveal a new layer beneath. This is especially important on the knees, elbows, hands and feet, where skin is thicker and rougher. 

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We recommend exfoliating the body once a day in the shower using The Method: Body Polish. This product uses both physical and chemical exfoliants to scrub away the dull, dead layers of skin on your arms, legs, torso and feet to leave behind silky smooth, soft skin. 

This will help improve skin texture, prepare your skin for other treatments, help prevent body acne and leave skin looking visibly renewed.

Daily Exfoliation Is Best

As long as you’re using gentle products formulated for your unique skin type and you always follow up with a hydrating moisturizer, you will be able to reap the benefits of daily exfoliation without drying out or damaging your skin. Use The Method 3-Step Sets to get everything you need to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize in a way that suits your skin type.

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