The Best Anti-Aging Exercises


Most of you already know how important it is to work out on a regular basis, but what some, especially our uber-fit clientele in Los Angeles, might be surprised to hear is that there is such a thing as working out too hard. Despite what Hollywood might tell you, you really can be too thin and too fit. Too much strenuous exercise causes inflammation in the body and doesn’t just damage joints – it also damages the skin and breaks down collagen and elastin. What you should aim for while exercising – instead of racing the guy next to you on the treadmill – is to gently increase the blood flow to your organs, stimulate your metabolism and help your body eliminate toxins so you leave the gym look radiant, rather than run-down. Here are 5 forms of moderate exercise that will help you get – and stay – younger.

Elliptical. You don’t have to measure up to the meatheads at your gym. Hop on the elliptical with a magazine (or maybe a book – hint, hint) and spend 30-40 minutes moving at a moderate pace of 3.5 – 5 miles per hour.

Yoga. Tap into your spiritual side at a Hatha yoga class that focuses on deep breathing and stretching. This will do wonders for oxygenating your muscles and detoxing your system.

Pilates. Pilates is a wonderful way to both gently strengthen and stretch the body. Our good friend and Broadway actress-turned-Pilates instructor Debi Monahan created a simple, anti-aging Pilates workout for us that you can do anywhere. It is outlined on pages 205-211 of Younger.

Stroller Pushing. This one’s for all you moms out there. Having little ones makes it tough enough to sneak away to the gym, so do yourself a favor and kill two birds with one…well, stroller. Pushing a stroller a mile and a half in 30 minutes is an ideal moderate work out. Even better: do it while catching up with a friend. You’ll get some added stress relief from spending time with a pal.

Swimming Laps. If you have any sort of injury, swimming is an excellent form of exercise. You’ll get a great cardio workout without all the pressure on your joints. Swimming is also very meditative and great for reducing mental as well as physical tension!

Oh, and one last thing: if you choose to exercise outdoors, don’t forget your sunscreen!

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5 Easy-to-Implement Tips from Younger

When it comes to staying youthful, there are tons of little tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to keep aging at bay. And, many of them aren’t too arduous. Here are 5 quick and easy tips from Dr. Lancer’s best-selling book Younger that you can implement today:

Move. You don’t have to hit SoulCycle five times a week or train for a marathon. (In fact, working out too intensely can actually speed up aging.) But you do need to make moderate exercise a part of your routine. So take a long walk with a friend, attend a yoga class or go for a bike ride. If you can’t get outdoors, spend 30 minutes doing a workout video or using resistance bands at home.

Pass the salt. Well, what we really mean is pass on the salt. Too much salt causes inflammation in the body and can exacerbate acne. Try seasoning your food with fresh lemon, lime or roasted garlic instead. This week, Dr. Lancer shared a list of the foods he suggests avoiding with StyleBistro. Following these guidelines, by the way, caused him to lose 60 lbs – no joke. Click here for the complete list.

Check your water levels. Staying properly hydrated means more than just downing your eight glasses of H2O each day. If you drink coffee or alcohol, make sure you drink at least one extra glass of water to offset each cocktail or caffeinated beverage. And fill your plate with foods rich in Omega-3s, which help to keep skin supple.

Sleep in. Now you have a valid excuse to hit the snooze button. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, so make sure you’re getting enough and give yourself those extra few minutes of precious shut-eye in the morning whenever you can. If you’re a morning person, move your bedtime up a half hour and catch some extra nighttime zzzzs.

Change up your sleep position. You know when you wake up with creases from your bedding criss-crossing your face? Well, when you sleep in the same position every night, your cheek, jawline, and neck are pushed against the pillow, causing your skin to be folded or creased for several hours. Over the years, those folds become etched into your skin to form sleep lines. So alternate the side you sleep on, or better yet, sleep on your back.

Wanna get even younger-looking? Then pick up a copy of Dr. Lancer’s ultimate anti-aging guide today!

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Lancer Devotee: Maggie Q

For those of you who are familiar with the beautiful Maggie Q, it should come as no surprise that her #1 skincare secret is the Lancer line.  For those of you who don’t know her striking face, allow us to introduce you.


A former model, Maggie Q is now best-known for her role in the CW’s Nikita, where she plays a hard-hitting assassin, and her upcoming part in the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s best-selling novel, Divergent.  Physical stunts aside, it is impossible not to notice Maggie’s radiant beauty and glowing skin when she’s on screen. A Lancer devotee, here’s what she has to say about her experience with Dr. Lancer and The Method:

“First off, it’s impossible not to love Dr Lancer as a person. He’s a constant and a joy for me. His expertise is a whole other deal. I initially went to Dr Lancer for a skin allergy – nothing to do with beauty. Although it was then that the door to the beauty potential was opened. I trust him because he didn’t get into this [industry] for the reason he is famous today. His beginnings were simple and his intention was motivated by love for what the profession could bring; how it can heal, and change people’s lives for the better. He’s evolved since then, but when I’m treated by him my experience is still the man who is excited about science and discovery. He is extensive in his research and testing before he treats his patients.

And now he has a line of products and method designed to support his work at home.

I’m proud to know him. And grateful he still fits me in. HA! :)”

Hydration & Nutrition to Beat the Winter Blues

The cold (or chilly if you’re in LA like us) days of winter are always a welcome change from the heat and humidity of summer – but the transition can wreak havoc on your skin. Exposure to the elements combined with the harsh effects of indoor heating and salty holiday food can leave skin irritated, red, flaky, and broken-out.  So what can be done to rescue skin from the winter blues?  Maintaing a healthy moisture balance in the skin and body and keeping cellular turnover at a high rate will help you transition your skin to the winter season.

The first step in winterizing your skincare routine is hydration from the inside out. Start by drinking water and lots of it- at least 10 glasses a day.  If possible, water should be alkaline, as this helps maintain a positive pH level in the body.  The next step is eliminating foods high in sodium, including naturally salty foods, paying special attention to foods that have added salt.  For example, many people assume sushi is a healthy meal option but are unaware of the massive sodium intake that comes with eating dried seaweed and fish.  Other unrecognized sodium culprits include salad dressings, soy-based products, and cheese. Avoiding these foods, and refraining from the use of salt in cooking, will help decrease sodium intake.  Garlic and lemon are two highly flavorful aromatics that can help season food without salt. In addition to avoiding certain foods, it is smart to add foods rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin C which help feed your skin. Supplements can also help with additional vitamin intake.  Chlorophyll supplements can make a huge difference in skin health when taken regularly by increasing oxygenation in the skin and blood.


  • drink plenty of water (10 glasses a day!)
  • take vitamin supplements (Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Vitamin D, Fish Oil)
  • eat winter greens (kale, swiss chard, spinach)
  • cook with garlic and lemon to healthily flavor food
  • read ingredient labels to understand how much sodium you are taking in


  • add extra salt to your food!
  • replace water with soda or sports beverages
  • eat processed carbs (white bread, cookies, pastries)